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Hepakent Syrup (Sugar free)


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Revitalize your liver health with Hepakent Sugar-Free Syrup – your trusted ally against hepatitis B and C disorders. Our specialized formula offers gentle yet effective support for your liver, promoting natural healing and vitality. Say goodbye to discomfort with Hepakent – the syrup designed to nourish and protect your liver without the use of sugar. Trust Hepakent for comprehensive care, helping you manage hepatitis B and C symptoms while promoting overall liver wellness. Experience the power of Hepakent Sugar-Free Syrup.

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  • Chelidonium                            Ø
  • Carduus                                    Ø
  • Andographis peniculate       Ø
  • Hydrastis                                   Ø
  • Podophyllum                            Ø
  • Ipecac                                        Ø
  • Acid citricum                             1x


  • Acute hepatitis (viral, nonviral or drug induced).
  • Chronic hepatitis (with or without the hyperammonaemia).
  • Cirrhosis of liver fatty with hyperammonaemia.
  • As an adjuvant therapy with hepatotoxic drugs.


One to two teaspoonfuls three times daily. As the symptom improves, it can be reduce to one to two
tea spoon twice daily.

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Available in 120ml Syrup packing.

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