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Why Work with Us?

The recruitment and selection process is a central role for the Human Resource division. It is a method that includes everything from classifying, captivating, selecting, shortlisting, interviewing, picking, hiring, and onboarding individuals.

Many outsource their hiring calls; some organizations depend solely on advertisements, job boards, and social media channels to hire top talent for new job openings.

Believe it or not, finding skillful engineers was difficult for us too initially but onboarding engineers who would match our requirements and company profile turned out to be the toughest task ever. Now, it has become easier than ever to hire experts and find software development jobs for anyone in Pakistan.

After weeks’ worth of struggle in our early days we came up with a recruitment process at Kent pharma that now helps us with sourcing out the best talent for the job at hand. We have been religiously following that recruitment and selection process and it never lets us down.

When we were trying to refine our recruitment process, we had to deal with the fact that it’s a time-consuming thing. Moreover, it’s costly too! But now that we have a defined BSS careers structure, it makes the process more fluid than ever.

We feel delighted to share our hiring process with you because it shows how some of BSS’s finest engineers and technology experts are handpicked. These experts today are polished enough that they train and recruit the talent of their choice with the help of our HR connoisseurs.