Welcome to Kent Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals. We take pride in serving the nation since 1971. Believing in innovation we have repaved our website to create an easy to use online shop for our valued and loyal customers which also includes blogs on Homeopathy and an E-copy of our very own monthly Homeopathic magazine with the name of Monthly Moalij Magazine.

About Us

Kent Homeopathic Pharmacy is one of the top standard pharmaceutical companies which are serving in the field of homeopathic pharmacy since 1971. Medicines of Kent, because of its good quality and high effectiveness are quite famous among the Homoeopathic practitioners and its users.

The standard of this pharmaceutical company is tested by the United Kingdom’s UKAS institute and Kent Homoeopathic Pharmacy is awarded with ISO 9001: 2000 CERTIFIED COMPANY.

CEO Manager

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