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Calendula Ezeeheal Spray

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Product Highlights

Introducing Calendula EzeeHeal Spray – your go-to solution for fast and effective wound healing. Formulated with the healing power of calendula extract, our spray accelerates the recovery process while soothing irritation and promoting skin regeneration. Convenient and easy to use, Calendula EzeeHeal Spray is perfect for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Experience the healing benefits of nature with every application. Get yours today and experience the difference!”

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Calendula Ø (EHPI) 100% v/v


Skin wounds ,skin cut abrasions, bleeding wound, hurts during games, wounds due to sharp instrument, domestic accident resulting wounds and insect bite Calendula ezeeheal heals the wound specially and effectively exterminating bacteria’s and relieves pain.

Direction for use :

Spray upon the effected area two to three times daily and dress up deep cuts after spraying.


Only for external use.

Pack size:

Available in 120ml packing.

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1 review for Calendula Ezeeheal Spray

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