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Kent 30 (Ointment)


Product Highlights

“Discover the soothing relief of Kent 30 Ointment, your natural solution to joint discomfort. With its fast-acting formula, Kent 30 provides quick relief from rheumatic aches and pains, allowing you to say goodbye to stiffness and discomfort. Experience the gentle yet powerful effects of Kent 30 as it eases rheumatic symptoms and promotes mobility, restoring comfort to your daily life. Trusted by many, Kent 30 is your go-to choice for managing rheumatic conditions effectively. Say hello to pain-free living with Kent 30 Rheumatic Ointment, your partner in rheumatic wellness.”

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  • Each 50gm contains:
  • Arnica montana                                  D3 (EHPI) 9.25% w/v
  • Belladonna                                           6X (EHP)7.4% w/v
  • Bryonia alba                                         6X (EHP)7.4% w/v
  • Calendula officinalis                          D2 (EHPI) 9.25% w/v
  • Dulcamara                                           D3 (EHP) 74% w/v
  • Gauitheria                                             0 (EHPI) 13.95% w/v
  • Hypericum perforatum                      D3 (EHP)7.4% w/v
  • Rhus toxicodendron                           6x (EHP)7.4% w/v
  • Symphytum officinale                       6x (EHPI) 9.95% w/v
  • Urtica urens                                           0 (EHP)7.4% w/v

Excipients q.s.


Rheumatic pain and dislocation. Pain in joints and
muscles. Inflammation, swelling and stiffness of
joint that worse in, winter and on movement.
Arthrosis pain in wrists, hands, shoulders, knees
and in other small joints.

Direction of use:

Rub in morning and
night on the affected
parts or as prescribed by
Homoeopathic Doctor.

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