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Nerve and Bone liniment


Product Highlights

Introducing Nerve and Bone Liniment: Your Ultimate Solution for Rheumatic Pain, Strains, and More. Our potent formula is expertly crafted to provide fast and effective relief, penetrating deep into muscles and joints to alleviate discomfort caused by rheumatism, strains, and sprains. Harnessing the power of natural botanical extracts, our liniment offers holistic relief without harsh chemicals, making it the ideal choice for those seeking gentle yet effective pain management. Experience the soothing sensation as it eases muscle tension, reduces inflammation, and restores mobility.

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Bellis perennis Ø (EHPI) 6.9% v/v

Bryonia alba 6X (EHPI) 15.1% v/v

Colchicum autumnale Ø (EHPI) 10.3% v/v

Gaultheria flag (wintergreen oil) (EHPI) 41% v/v

Rhux Toxicodendron 6X (EHPI) 16.4% v/v

Terebenthina Ø (EHPI) 11.1% v/v


  • For the relief of muscular stiffness and pain.
  • Effective for rheumatic pain.
  • Muscular injuries and sports injuries.
  • Sciatica pain.
  • Sprain and lumbago.

Direction of use:

Shake the bottle well before use.

Apply liniment generously to affected part and massage throughly two times daily

For Athletes:

Massage arm and leg muscles before and after activity.

Or as directed by your physician.

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