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Kent Cuffegesic syrup


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Introducing Kent Cuffgesic Syrup, your instant solution for fast and effective relief from coughs and colds. Our sugar-free formula is crafted to provide gentle yet powerful relief, helping you combat coughs naturally. Kent Sugar-Free Cuffgesic Syrup offers soothing relief without the added sugar. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a healthier you with Kent Cuffgesic Syrup.

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Each 5ml contains:

Althea officinalis Ø (EHPI) 0.0833%v/v

Eucalyptus globulus Ø (EHPI) 0.0833%v/v

Grindelia robusta Ø (EHPI) 0.0833%v/v

Primula veris Ø (EHPI) 0.0833%v/v

Thymus vulgaris Ø (EHPI) 0.0833%v/v


  • Spasmodic and suffocating cough.
  • Reduce the secretion of mucous, soreness of mucous membrane and feeling of lump in the throat.
  • Controls inflammation of throat with dry irritating cough.
  • Nausea and vomiting associated with violent cough.
  • Does not cause drowsiness.


Children: 1/2 teaspoon three times a day.

Adults:1 teaspoon three times a day

Or as directed by your physician.

Pack size:

Available in 120ml packing.

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