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Biovina Syrup

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Biovina syrup is a comprehensive family tonic designed to support overall health and well-being for every member of the family. Formulated with a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, Biovina syrup provides a convenient way to supplement daily nutrition requirements.

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Acidum phosphoricum 3x, Alfalfa Ø, Avena sativa Ø, Calc phosphorica 8x, Cinchona officinalis Ø, Gentiana lutea Ø,
Ginseng Ø, Hydrastis canadensis 2x, Kalium phosphoricum 6x, Natrium phosphoricum 6x, Nux vomica 6x, Valeriana officinalis Ø.


  • Indicated for all family members of all age groups.
  • Used to relief exhaustion, debility, nervous and mental fatigue.
  • Also given for anxiety, depression, and weakness caused by long lasting diseases.
  • Fatigue due to malnutrition.
  • Sleeplessness and inability to concentrate.
  • Symptoms caused by loss of vital fluids.
  • For gastric disorders like flatulence and weakness of duodenal muscles.
  • Nervous and occipital head aches and back aches.
  • Relief anaemia and indigestion in children.
  • It stimulates the secretary activity of glands specially salivary glands.
  • Relief’s constipation and liver problems.


For adults: Two teaspoons three times daily.
For children: One teaspoon three times daily

or as prescribed by Homoeopathic Doctor.


Available in 120ml and 250ml packing.


Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from the reach of children.

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120ml, 250ml


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