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Ferolecithin Malt


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Indulge in the wholesome goodness of Ferolecithin malt, where the rich taste of malt meets the nutritional benefits of iron and fiber. This delicious blend is meticulously crafted to support optimal health and digestion, providing a convenient solution to boost your iron intake while promoting digestive wellness. Ferolecithin malt offers a perfect balance of essential nutrients in every serving, ensuring you nourish your body while satisfying your taste buds. Whether you’re looking to enhance your overall health or seeking a tasty way to incorporate more iron and fiber into your diet, Ferolecithin malt is your go-to solution. Elevate your nutrition routine with this flavorful and nutrient-rich formula, and experience the difference it makes in your well-being.

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  • Calcium phosphate      3x
  • China off.                          Ø
  • Ferrum metallicum        2x
  • Ferrum phos                    1x
  • Lecithin                             3x


  • It boosts the energy level in the body.
  • lecithin is important for fatus development and improves reproductive health.
  • It includes fibre which is extremely important in improving general health and helping to avoid various diseases.
  • Treatment for gallstones, improves memory, learning and reaction time, making skin and hair healthy.
  • Improves cardio vascular health.
  • Provides relief to arthritis, improves physical perfomance and muscle endurance.


For sportsmen, athletes and vegetarians:

One tablespoonful three times daily.

For pregnant and breast feeding women:

One tablespoonful two times daily.

For children:

One teaspoonful two times daily, unless doctor advice.


Available in 145gm packing.

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