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Kidneygesic Syrup


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Introducing Kidneygesic Sugar-Free Syrup, your natural support system for maintaining optimal kidney health and function. Carefully formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients, this syrup nourishes your kidneys, offering lasting wellness without added sugar. Renew and revitalize your kidney health with Kidneygesic Sugar-Free Syrup, providing trusted relief and support for healthy function. Experience the power of natural ingredients working harmoniously to protect and maintain your kidneys.

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Berberis vulgaris 6X (EHPI) 17.4% v/v

Ocimum canum Ø (EHPI) 13.05% v/v

Pariera Brava Ø (EHPI) 17.4% v/v

Sarsaparilla Ø (EHPI) 17.4% v/v

Senecio aurens Ø (EHPI) 17.4% v/v

Solidago virguaria Ø (EHPI) 17.4% v/v


  • Renal and uretral calculi and pain associated with it.
  • Pain in lumbar or back region pain around bladder and urethra.
  • Reddish urine.
  • Pain in burning sensation during micturition.


One teaspoonful three times daily

Or as directed by your physician.

Pack Size:

Available in 120ml packing.

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