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Solidago Syrup


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Introducing Solidago Sugar-Free Syrup: your all-in-one solution for infections, inflammation, and diuretic support. Harnessing the power of Solidago, this syrup is expertly formulated to combat infections, reduce inflammation, and promote natural healing. With its diuretic properties, it helps flush out toxins, promoting urinary tract health and overall wellness. Elevate your health routine effortlessly with Solidago Sugar-Free Syrup, your go-to for targeted relief and holistic well-being.

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Acid benz D2, Acis oxalicum D6, Echinacea D1, Equistem arv. D1, Rubia tinc D3, Solidago virg D3, Spartium scop D3, Urtica urens D1. Ulva ursi D1.


  • Inflammation of kidney and bladder, renal vesicle and acid diatheris.
  • Renal insufficiency, enuresis, dribbling of urine in old patients.
  • Urinary incontinence in children.
  • Albuminous, scanty, frequent, involuntary urine.
  • Burning in urinary tract.


One tablespoon three times daily or as prescribed by Homeopathic physician.

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Available in 120ml packing.

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