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Trifol + Tablets


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Combat coughs and colds effectively with our Trifol+ tablets, your ultimate solution for respiratory relief. Expertly formulated with a powerful trifecta of natural ingredients, including herbs and vitamins, our tablets provide fast-acting relief from coughs and chest congestion. Whether you’re dealing with a nagging cough or seasonal respiratory symptoms, Trifol+ tablets offer the support you need to breathe easier and feel better. Trust in our proven formula to tackle coughs head-on and get back to enjoying life, one cough-free breath at a time.”

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  • Belladona         3X
  • Drosera              Ø
  • Bryonia              3X
  • Cuprum met    6
  • Coccus cacti    6
  • Ipecac                Ø
  • Kali.Bich             6
  • Pertussin           30


  • Stiches in chest when coughing.
  • Tickling, short dry cough.
  • Respiration oppressed with cough.
  • Tough mucus in trachea, loosened only with much hawking.
  • Dryness in nose, larynx and trachea.
  • Throat feels constricted with irritational cough.


6 to 12 years…………….1 Tablet

Above 12 years,,,,,,,,,2 Tablets

three times a day.

Pack Size:

Available in 40 tablets packing.

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