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Tonsifort Syrup


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Tonsifort syrup is specifically formulated to address tonsil-related discomfort, providing targeted relief for individuals struggling with tonsillitis or sore throats. Crafted with precision, Tonsifort offers soothing properties to alleviate inflammation and ease discomfort associated with tonsil issues. Whether you’re experiencing acute pain or chronic irritation, Tonsifort syrup acts as a dependable solution, helping you find relief and promoting overall throat health. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to comfort with Tonsifort syrup, your trusted companion for tonsil care and wellness.

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  • Acid cit                          1x.
  • Ammonium brom       1x.
  • Belladona                     4x.
  • Baryta carb                  2x.
  • Calcium iod                  2x.
  • Echinacea                     2x.
  • Mentholum                   1x.
  • Mercurius cyanatus   4x.


  • Pain and enlargement of tonsils.
  • Cold, cough, swelling in throat and fever due to tonsilitis.
  • Throat, trachea and bronchial tube irritation.
  • Follicular tonsilitis.
  • Severe pain in tonsils, larynx and pharynx.
  • Ulcerated throat with purple color tonsils.


For adults: two Tablespoonful three rimes daily.

For children: One teaspoonful three times daily.

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Available in 120ml syrup packing.

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