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Grip-Aconitum Syrup


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Introducing Gripp Aconite Syrup, your go-to remedy for combating cold and flu symptoms effectively. Crafted with a powerful formula, this syrup swiftly alleviates coughs, congestion, and discomfort associated with seasonal illnesses. Experience rapid relief and soothing comfort with Gripp Aconite Syrup’s potent blend, providing you with the support you need to navigate through cold and flu season with ease. Trust in this reliable solution to alleviate sniffles, sneezes, and other common symptoms, allowing you to regain vitality and wellness. Don’t let cold and flu symptoms hold you back – choose Gripp Aconite Syrup for fast and effective relief.

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Aconite D4, Bryonia D4, Eupatorium Perf. D3,

Gelsemium D4, Kali Carb D3, Natrium sulph D4,

Natrum salicylicum D4, Pulsatilla D4, Rhus Tox D4,

Sticta D2.


  • Coryza pain occuring at the root of nose, sneezing, throbbing pain in nostrils.
  • Mouth, num and dry with tingling sensation as happen with Xerostomic patients.
  • Coryza associated with shooting pain in forehead.
  • Horseness and cough with soreness in the chest.
  • Watery excoriating discharge from the nose.


Adults: 2 teaspoonful three times daily.

Children: 1 teaspoonful three times daily or as

prescribed by homeopathic physician.

Pack Size:

Available in 60ml packing.

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