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Mullein Ear Drops


Product Highlights

Relieve Ear Discomfort Naturally with Mullein Ear Drops! Our gentle yet effective formula provides soothing relief for earaches, inflammation, and discomfort, known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, our ear drops offer fast relief without harsh chemicals. Say goodbye to ear discomfort and hello to comfort and peace of mind. Trust Mullein Ear Drops for natural ear care.

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Aconite Ø , Mullein oil.


•Influenza not only affects the nose but also throat and ear as they are all closely related to each other.
•Influenza causes ear ache and the ear do not function properly.
•Teeth infection may also spread to ear leading to pain and ear infection.
• Mucous flow from ear associated with pain and hearing problem.
•For hearing problem in old age.
• Infection of ear associated with high fever and foul smelI.

Direction to use:

Pour three drops three times daily.


Available in1 5ml drops packing.-

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