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Kent 3 (cough & cold)


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Introducing Kent 3 Drops – your trusted companion in the battle against coughs and colds. Formulated with potent natural ingredients, these drops offer swift relief from respiratory discomfort such as coughing, congestion, and throat irritation. Bid farewell to those pesky sniffles and embrace comfort with Kent 3 Drops by your side. Scientifically crafted for effectiveness and gentleness, these drops provide a speedy recovery from cold symptoms, ensuring you can breathe easier and feel better in no time. Don’t let coughs and colds slow you down – experience

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Belladonna                         D3…..10% v/v
Bryonia alba                       D3…..12% v/v
Coccus cacti                      D3……9% v/v
Corallium rubrum             D32…..9% v/v
Cuprum aceticum            D32…..9% v/v
Drosera rotundifolia          D3…..12% v/v
Ipecacuanha                      D3……12% v/v
Lobelia inflata                     D4…12% v/v
Sticta pulmonaria              D3……12% v/v
Excipients q.s.                      D3..12% v/v


Effective for acute and spasmodic
Sore throat.
Production of mucus.
Asthma due to severe cough.
Whooping cough.
Relieves from chest congestion.

In general use 10 drops three times
daily in some water.
Liquid contains particles that are part
of medicine.

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