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Kent 25 (prostatitis)


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Embark on a journey to enhanced prostate health with Kent 25 Prostatitis Drops. Designed to provide natural relief from discomfort, our drops offer targeted support for those struggling with prostatitis symptoms. Don’t let prostatitis hinder your quality of life – Kent 25 Drops are here to offer a gentle yet effective solution. Restore balance and vitality to your prostate with Kent 25, your partner in proactive wellness. Take the first step towards greater comfort and well-being – experience the transformative benefits of Kent 25 Drops today.

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  • Apis melifica                              D3 (EHPI) 12.5% v/v
  • Chimaphila umbellata            D3 (EHPI) 12.5% v/v
  • Cantharis                                    D3 (EHPI) 15.62% v/v
  • Ferrum picricum                        D5 (EHPI) 12.5% v/v
  • Pareira brava                              D3 (EHPI) 12.5% v/v
  • Populus tremuloides                 D3 (EHPI) 12.5% v/v
  • Sabal serrulata                           D2 (EHPI) 21.9% v/v


Enlarge prostate.
Irritation and inflammation in the
urogenital tract.
Effective for pain in the abdomen,
groin or lower back.
Also improves sexual debility.


In general use 10 drops three times daily in some water.
Particles in medicine are part of it.
(Shake well before use)

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