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Kent 4 (Diabetes)


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Introducing Kent 4 Drops – your natural companion in the journey to managing diabetes. Crafted with a powerful blend of herbal ingredients, these drops offer effective support for regulating blood sugar levels and promoting overall well-being. Experience the transformative benefits of Kent 4 Drops as it aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels naturally. Clinically-proven and carefully formulated, our drops provide holistic support to enhance your quality of life. Take control of your health and vitality with Kent 4 Drops – the gentle yet potent solution for diabetes management.

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  • Acidum lacticum                                D4..10% v/v
  • Acidum phosphoricum                     D6….10% vÍv
  • Aurantium                                            D3….10% v/v
  • Boldo                                                     D3….10% v/v
  • Myartali                                                D3….10% v/v
  • Natrum sulfuricum                             D3….18% v/v
  • Phaseolus                                            D6…..10% v/v
  • Syzygium jambolanum                    D3….22% v/v
    Excipients q.s.


Diabetes and its associated diseases.
Excessive urination due to diabetes.
Nervous debility, disgetive disorder
and lack of appetite.
Weakness due to diabetes.
Controls diabetic side effects.


In general use 10 drops 3 times daily in some water.

liquid contain particles that are part of medicine.

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