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Kent 20 (vermifuge)


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Discover the power of Kent 20 drops, specially crafted to address the discomfort caused by stomach worms. This advanced formula provides rapid relief in a convenient liquid form, ensuring easy administration for all. Bid farewell to stomach worms and welcome digestive harmony with Kent 20 drops as your trusted companion. Its natural ingredients work synergistically to gently eradicate stomach worms, promoting a healthier gut and overall well-being. Embrace the soothing effectiveness of Kent 20 drops and experience a renewed sense of vitality.

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Each  30ml contains:

  • Cina                          D3 (EHPI) 25% wv
  • Filix mas                   Ø (EHPI) 25% v/v
  • Tanacetum             D3(EHPI) 25%v/v


  • Effective for all types of worms.
  • Cures from helminths and improves general health.
  • Removes parasites complains.

Dosage :

In general, use 10 drops three times daily in some water.
Or as directed by your physician.
Particles in medicine are part of it.
(Shake well before use).

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