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Kent 6 (Heart tonic)


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Introducing Kent 6 Drops – your natural ally in supporting heart health and managing heart disorders, our drops offer effective relief from symptoms such as hypertension and palpitations. Clinically-proven and carefully formulated, Kent 6 Drops provide gentle support for cardiovascular wellness. Experience the power of nature’s healing with Kent 6 Drops, ensuring a healthier heart and a happier you. Trust Kent 6 Drops to be your partner in promoting heart health and managing heart disorders effectively.

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Aconitum                                      D6…9.5% v/v
Aurum colloidale                         D3..9.5% v/v
Cactus grandiflorus                    O..17.59% v/
Camphora                                    D2..92% v/v
Crataegus oxyacantha             0..17.5% v/v
Mellisa officinalis                         D2..92% v/v
Spigelia                                         D4..92% v/v
Strophanthus gratus                  D6..92% v/v
Valeriana officinalis                    0….92% v/v
Excipients qs


  • Heart diseases and angina pectoris.
  • Nervous cardiac dsorder.
  • Coronary disturtbances of circulation.
  • Irregular biood pressure.


In general use 10 drops three times
daily in some water
Liquid contains particles that are part
of medicine.

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