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Infant Growing Up Tonic


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Introducing our nourishing Infant Growing up Tonic, meticulously crafted to support your baby’s healthy development journey. Packed with organic ingredients, this gentle yet potent formula serves as an essential supplement to promote stronger growth and immunity in infants. Our holistic approach ensures that every drop of this nutrient-rich elixir contributes to fueling healthy milestones, from robust physical development to fortified immunity. Say goodbye to worries about your baby’s nutrition with our premium tonic, designed to cultivate healthy growth patterns naturally. Elevate your child’s development with our plant-based baby growth formula, delivering the vital support your little one needs for a thriving future. Choose the best for your baby with our Infant Growth Tonic, the cornerstone of nurturing healthy growth and development from the very start.

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Calcarea phos 3x, Calcarea carb Chammomilla 3x, Conchae preap 3x, Ferrum phos 3x, Sacch alb 3x, Sal, marinum 3x,
Silicea 12x.


• Plays an effective role in the growth of babies.
• Relief common infants complaints like vomiting, flatulence, lack of appetite and irritability.
• Also useful while eruption of teeth.
•Eliminates the effects of malnutrition and unhealthy environment and promotes natural growth.
• Strengthens skin, bones and muscles.
• Keeps the child happy, active and healthy.
• Simulates natural appetite and facilitates nutrition.
•For diarrhea and vomiting.
• Loss of appetite, restlessness and colic in children.
• Diarhea at the time of teething.
•Weeping during sleep.


Quarter teaspoon twice daily.


Avalable in 100gm packing.

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