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Fever compound tablet


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Introducing Fever Compound tablets: Combat fever swiftly and effectively with our trusted ally in relieving temperature spikes and discomfort. Crafted with a powerful blend of fever-reducing ingredients, Fever Compound tablets provide rapid relief while addressing underlying causes. Whether it’s flu season or a sudden illness, rely on Fever Compound tablets to help you feel better fast. Don’t let fever slow you down – choose our proven formula for reliable relief and get back to feeling your best.

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Composition :

  • Aconite                                      6X (EHPI) 1.32% Vv
  • Baptisiatinctorla                     4X (EHPI) 10.5% Vv
  • Bryonia alba                             6X (EHP)  21% Vv
  • China sulfuricum                     3X (EHP) 15.8% vv
  • Eucalyptus                                 2X (EHP)  7.9% vv
  • Eupatoriumperfoliatum         2X (EHPI) 10 5% vv
  • Ferrum phosphoricum            8X (EHPI) 15.78% vv
  • Gelsemium sempervirens       3X (EHPI) 526% viv

Indications :

  • All types of fever.
  • Rheumatic pain and sore muscles due to fever
  • Fever due to malaria, pneumonia and typhoid
  • Scarlet fever.

Dosage :

1 Tablet three times a day
2 Tablets three times a day.
or as prescribed by Homoeopathic Doctor.

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