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Crataegus Heart Capsules


Product Highlights

Experience the natural power of our premium Crataegus heart capsules, meticulously crafted to support your cardiovascular wellness, our formula is designed to promote heart health and vitality. By aiding in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels and supporting optimal heart muscle strength and arterial health, our Crataegus capsules offer comprehensive cardiovascular support. Each capsule is a daily dose of heart-healthy nutrients, carefully formulated to boost blood circulation and ensure your heart’s longevity. Discover the benefits of Crataegus heart capsules, the perfect addition to your daily wellness routine.”

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Each capsules contain:

Ambra grisea D5 (EHPI) 2.20mg

Aurum colloidale D6 (EHPI) 2.91mg

Avena Sativa D1 (EHPI) 5.83mg

Cactus grandiflorus Ø (EHPI) 1.66mg

Crataegus oxycantha Ø (EHPI) 6.50mg

Kalmia Latifolia Ø (EHPI) 1.68mg

Spigelia D3 (EHPI) 2.25mg

Strophanthus gratus D4 (EHPI) 1.57mg


  • Heart tonic.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Strengthens cardiac muscles.
  • Improves irregularity of pulse.
  • Stress, dizziness and feeble.
  • Maintains blood pressure.


2 Capsules three times a day

or as directed by your physician.

Pack Size:

Available in 30s capsule packing.

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