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Jam-e-Sehat (with garlic, ginger & Lemon)


Product Highlights

Jam-e-Sehat sugar-free tonic, you’re harnessing the powerful combination of garlic and lemon, each packed with health benefits. Garlic’s allicin supports heart health, boosts immunity, and regulates blood sugar, while lemon’s vitamin C and antioxidants aid in detoxification, digestion, and immune support. This potent blend promises overall health promotion.

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Alfalfa D3 (EHPI) 0.192% v/v

Allium Sativum Ø (EHPI) 0.32% v/v

Melus pumila , flos   Ø (EHPI) 0.256% v/v

China off D6 (EHPI) 0.192% v/v

Citrus limon Ø (EHPI) 0.32% v/v

Crataegus oxycandha D3 (EHPI) 0.256% v/v

Nux vomica D6 (EHPI) 0.16% v/v

Zingiber officinale Ø (EHPI) 0.32% v/v


  • Controls cholesterol and blood pressure also helps to thinner the blood.
  • Heart tonic.
  • Improves digestion and helps to relieve gastric problem.
  • Antiviral properties.
  • Powerful and energetic tonic.


Two tablespoon two times daily after meal.

or as directed by your physician.

Pack Size:

Available in 250ml Packing.

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