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Megawin powder


Product Highlights

Gain mass and power with Megawin Weight Gainer Powder, your go-to solution for bulking up and reaching your fitness goals. Packed with essential nutrients and protein, Megawin is the ultimate formula for building muscle and increasing strength. Transform your physique and maximize your gains with this high-quality weight gainer powder. Whether you’re an athlete or simply aiming to add mass, Megawin has you covered, providing the fuel your body needs to achieve peak performance. Unlock your potential and dominate your fitness journey with Megawin Weight Gainer Powder.

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  • Each gram contains:
  • Alfalfa                                       1X (EHPI) 0.0068mg
  • Calcarea phosphorica         6X (EHPI) 0.0005mg
  • China officinalis                      1X (EHPI) O.0005mg
  • Ferrum phosphoricum          6X (EHPI) 0.0005mg
  • Ferrum metalicum                 1X (EHPI) O.0005mg
  • Ginseng                                    0 (EHPI) 0.0005mg
  • Lecithin                                      3x (EHPI) 0.0005m

Special Benefits

Megawin is an effective food
supplement for weight goining and
anaemia. Its regular use improve
physical and mental energy to keep
the nerves calm and relaxed. This
energizing supplement increases the
stamina and energy level. It not only
enhances appetite but also help food
to assimilate in the body. It can alsco
be used as a general tonic.
Boost up the energy level.
Sports nutrition for athletes, body
An effective supplement for weight
goining.Effective for physical and mental

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