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Kent Pyorrhea Lotion


Product Highlights

Introducing Kent Pyorrhea Lotion: Your Ultimate Solution for Pyorrhea Relief. Combat Gum Disease with Kent Pyrea Lotion, Specifically Designed to Soothe Inflammation, Strengthen Gums, and Promote Oral Health. Discover Fast-Acting Relief from Swollen Gums, Bleeding, and Tooth Sensitivity. Say Goodbye to Pyorrhea Symptoms with Our Clinically Proven Formula. Experience the Power of Herbal Extracts and Antibacterial Agents for Effective Gum Care. Choose Kent Pyrea Lotion for a Brighter, Healthier Smile Today!

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Belladona Ø, Camphor 2x, Kreosote 0, Plant-ago , Staphysagria .


•Pyrea, gum boil, throbbing pain in teeth.
•Rapid decay of teeth, spongy, bleeding gums.
•Bad odour from mouth.
•Pain inflammation of gums, formation of pus in gums.
•Gum abscess, throbbing pain in gums.
•Loss of enamel on teeth.
•Gums bleeding, decay of teeth.
•Bleeding of teeth when cleaning. oozing of blood around the teeth.
•Dental fistula. pain in teeth, while eating, drinking water, or with hot and cold things.

Direction for use:

Dip the clean cotton in medican and apply in the effected area atleast three times a day.


Available in 15ml Lotion Bottle.

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