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Kent 39( eye irritation)


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Introducing Kent 39 Eye Drops, your instant solution for comprehensive eye care. Experience fast relief for dry, tired eyes, and combat eye fatigue with our soothing formula. Our drops are designed to relieve redness, irritation, and itchiness, providing gentle care for sensitive eyes of all ages. Hydrate and nourish your eyes with Kent 39, your daily defense against dryness and discomfort.

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  • Apis melifica                                              D4 (EHPI) 14.2% v/v
  • Aethiops mercurnialis minerals            D8 (EHP) 14.2% v/v
  • Hepar sulfuris                                            D12(EHPI) 2% v/v
  • Natrium muriaticum                                D6 (EHPI) 15% v/v
  • Rhus toxicodendron                                 D12(EHPI) 14.2% v/v
  • Spigelia                                                        D6 (EHPI) 15% v/v
  • Slaphysagia                                                D4 (EHPI) 14.2% v/v


Red, painful eyes due to lack
of sleep and allergies.
Conjunctivitis and iritis,.
Catarrhal opthalmia.
Eye pain and photophobia.
Eyelid cyst (Chalazion).


In general use 10 drops three times
daily in some water.
Particles in medicine are part of it.
(Shake well before use)

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