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Hilex Syrup


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Introducing Hilex Syrup, your ultimate solution for various types of constipation. Designed to provide fast-acting relief, our syrup are crafted with potent ingredients to ensure effective results without compromising on safety. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to smoother digestion with our gentle yet powerful formula. Whether you’re experiencing occasional constipation or struggling with chronic issues, Hilex syrup offer reliable relief to promote healthy bowel movement and restore regularity. Don’t let constipation hold you back – trust Hilex syrup for gentle, effective, and all-in-one constipation relief.

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Bryonia Ø, Cascara sag Ø, Hydrastis Ø, Nux vomica Ø, Senna Ø.


• Constipation, stool is hard, dry and difficult to defecate.
• Bleeding while defecation.
• Rectum prolapses and fissured during defecation.
• Flatulent and distension with spasmodic colic. –
• Colic with strong desire. to defecate.
• Weakness in region of abdominal ring.
• Constriction of rectum, scanty stool with increase urges to defecate.
• Constipation with colic and flatulence.
•Burning in the rectum, stool hard and dark with loss of appetite.
• Cures all kinds of constipation and dryness in intestines.


Adults: one to two teaspoonfuls before going to sleep.
Children: Half or quarter teaspoon before going to sleep.


Available in 120ml Syrup packing.

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