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Pedia Fast powder


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Introducing PediaFast, the premium milk formula specially formulated to support healthy growth and development in children. Our expert blend provides essential nutrients like calcium, protein, and vitamins crucial for strong bones and overall wellness. Give your child the best start with PediaFast, trusted by parents worldwide for nurturing growth. Order now for fast delivery and ensure your child’s optimal development.”

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Each gram contains:

Alfalfa D1 (EHPI) 0.0037mg

China officinalis D6 (EHPI) 0.00028mg

Calcarea phosphorica D3 (EHPI) 0.0116mg

Ferrum phosphoricum D3 (EHPI) 0.0116mg

Ginkgo biloba D3 (EHPI) 0.00028mg

Kalium phosphoricum D3 (EHPI) 0.0116mg


Kent’s pedia fast provides the optimum balance of nutrients which is very important to make children healthy & maintain their active lifestyle. Normally food do not supply complete nutrition to the body. Lack of any nutrient in the body can directly affect the growth of child which results in the form of reduced height, underweight body, poor memory, weak bones and lack of children.


Add 2-3 tablespoons of powder in chilled glass of milk or water.

Stir before drink.

Use once a day.

Pack size:

Available in 400gm packing.

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