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Damiana Capsules


Product Highlights

Experience enhanced male vitality and vigor with our premium Damiana male drops! Crafted to address sexual disorders in men, our potent formula revitalizes intimacy and boosts confidence. Discover the natural solution for erectile dysfunction and low libido, tailored to reignite passion and pleasure. Unlock your fullest potential and reclaim your virility today!”

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Agnus Castus D6 (EHPI) 0.32% v/w

Caladium seguinum D4 (EHPI) 0.2566% v/w

Cantharis D8 (EHPI) 0.2566% v/w

Conium maculatum (EHPI) 0.2566% v/w

Damiana D1 (EHPI) 0.32% v/w

Ginseng D4 (EHPI) 0.2566% v/w

Kalium Picricum D6 (EHPI) 0.19% v/w

Lycopodium Clavatum D10 (EHPI) 0.2566% v/w

Magnesium phosphoricum D6 (EHPI) 0.19% v/w

Phosphorus D8 (EHPI) 0.19% v/w

Selenium D6 (EHPI) 0.32% v/w


  • Stimulates the male organ.
  • Cures premature ejaculation.
  • Exhaustion and impotency.
  • Helps to maintain vitality.
  • Effective for erectile dysfunction and sexual debility.


2 capsules three times daily or

as prescribed by Homoeopathic medicine.

Pack Size:

Available in 30 capsule packing.

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