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Tai-Ginseng Syrup


Product Highlights

Experience renewed vigor and vitality with Tai-Ginseng Sugar-Free Male Tonic. Our premium formula is meticulously crafted to support men’s health without the added sugar, providing a natural energy boost and enhancing overall well-being. Harness the power of traditional Tai-ginseng combined with modern science to invigorate your body and mind. Take charge of your vitality with Tai-Ginseng Sugar-Free Male Tonic and embrace a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle today.

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Acid phos Ø, Agnus castus Ø, Avena sativa Ø, Caladium Ø, Cobaltum 6, China off Ø,Damiana Ø,

Ginseng Ø, Kali phos 8x. Nux vomica Ø, Sabal serr Ø, Selenium 8x, Yohimbinum Ø.


  • Specifically indicated for male impotence.
  • Prevent early senile symptoms and controls degenerative diseases.
  • Helps to maintain youthful vigor.
  • Also indicated for loss of sexual power, tender and swollen testicles.
  • Spermatorrhea and harmful effects due to increase indulgence.


Take 10ml after every meal three times daily.

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Available in 180ml syrup packing.

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