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Asthavina Capsules


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Discover the natural relief you’ve been seeking with Asthavina Capsules. Crafted from a blend of traditional herbs renowned for their effectiveness in managing asthma, our capsules offer targeted support for respiratory health. Say goodbye to inflammation and hello to easier breathing as our carefully curated formula works to ease discomfort in the airways. Made from high-quality herbal extracts in a state-of-the-art facility, our capsules provide a safe and gentle solution without harsh side effects. Trust in Asthavina Capsules for long-term asthma management and experience the difference today.

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• Arsenum iodatum             D6 (EHPI) 10.5% v/v.
• Belladonna                          D6 (EHPI) 10.5% v/v.
• Blatta orientalis                  D6 (EHPI) 10.5% v/v.
• Lobelia inflata                     D4 (EHPI) 7.9% v/v.
• Natrium sulphuricum        D4 (EHPI) 7.9% v/v.
• Napthalinum                       D6 (EHPI) 7.9% v/v.
• Quebracho                          D5 (EHPI) 7.9% v/v.
• Antimonium tartaricum   D4 (EHPI) 10.5% v/v.
• Ipecacuanha                      D4 (EHPI) 10.5% v/v.


• For dry cough, asthma and chronic bronchitis. Pleuritis, pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia and Bronchopneumonia.
• Dryness of nose, larynx and trachea.
• Bleeding from lungs, bronchoconstriction and respiratory paralysis.
• Dry nocturnal cough, dyspnea especially in damp weather.
• Cough with thick greenish expectoration.


One to two capsules thrice daily.
Or as directed by your physician.


Available in 30 capsules packing.


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