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Vertigo Tablets


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Introducing Vertigo tablets, your go-to solution for managing vertigo symptoms. Our carefully formulated tablets are crafted with natural ingredients known for their effectiveness in alleviating dizziness, nausea, and balance issues. With Vertigo tablets, regain control and enjoy life without the disruptions of vertigo. Trust in our formula to provide fast relief and long-lasting support. Say goodbye to vertigo-induced discomfort and hello to stability with our Vertigo tablets today.

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Ambra D6, Cocculus D4, Conium D3, Petrol- eum D8.


  • Useful in different types of vertigo.
  • Empty feeling in the head
  • Terking and debility in the body
  • Feeling difficulty in speaking. Heariness in the head, faintness due to vertigo and nausea.
  • Vertigo during travel by bus train or by Aero plane.
  • Vertigo due to looking downside from height.
  • Headache from riding in a carriage.
  • Trambling of head, pain in eyes.


Normally: Two tablets three times daily, keep
after every 15 minutes until feel better.

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Available in 50 tablets packing.

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