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Trifol Cough syrup


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Introducing Trifol syrup, your comprehensive solution for alleviating both dry and wet cough symptoms. Our syrup combines the goodness of natural ingredients to provide fast and effective relief. Say goodbye to cough discomfort as Trifol syrup works to soothe irritation and promote respiratory wellness. Whether you’re battling a dry or wet cough, trust Trifol to offer natural and effective relief. Experience the power of herbal remedies with Trifol syrup, your ultimate ally against cough woes.

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Belladonna 6 (EHPI) 14.8%v/v

Bryonia alba 6 (EHPI) 18.7%v/v

Drosera rotundifolis 6 (EHPI) 18.7%v/v

Ipecacuanha 6 (EHPI) 18.7%v/v

Justicia adhatoda 6 (EHPI) 14.8%v/v

Stricta pulmonaria 6 (EHPI) 14.8%v/v


  • Effective for dry and productive cough.
  • Bronchial catarrh and influenza.
  • Relief from nasal and chest congestion.
  • Sore throat.
  • Cough with wheezing.


Adults: 2 teaspoon three times daily.

Children: 1 teaspoon three times daily

or as directed by your physician.

Pack size:

Available in 60ml packing.

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