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Renidrol (Kidnevina Capsules)


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Nourish Your Kidneys with Kidnevina Capsules – Your Trusted Herbal Solution! Our premium capsules are expertly formulated to support kidney health and function. Crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, including herbs known for their detoxifying and nourishing properties, Kidnevina Capsules promotes optimal kidney performance. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to vitality with our gentle yet effective solution. Experience the difference with Kidnevina Capsules.

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Apis mellifica Ø, Berberis vulg 3, Cantharis D3, Rubia tinctoria D2, Solidago virgaurea D8, Calculus ren D5, Sarsaprilla D3, Plumbum iodatum D8.


• Swelling, infection of kidneys, drowsiness and  irregular heart beat.
• Fatigue, loss of appetite headaches, cramps and thirst.
• inflammation of kidneys, burning and soreness when urinating.
• Pain in the region gf kidneys, renal and vesicle problem, gallstones and vesicle catarrh.
• Nephitis with blood in urine.
• Pain in kidney extends forward to abdomen and bladder.
• Kidney stone and colic pain.
• Renal colic pain from right kidney to downward.
• Chronic intestinal nephritis with great pain in abdomen.
• Urine scanty, renal stones, sharp pain in the kidney.
• Uric acid diathesis, vesicle diathesis.
• Iitability and inflammation in Urogenital system.


One to two capsule three time daily.


Available in 120ml syrup and 30 capsules packing.

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