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Power Booster (Mouth Spray)


Product Highlights

Elevate Your Performance with Power Booster Oral Spray! Experience heightened vitality with our potent formula, crafted specifically to enhance male performance., a renowned natural aphrodisiac, our oral spray boosts libido, stamina, and confidence. Say goodbye to performance worries and hello to intense satisfaction. Elevate your love life with Power Booster with Damiana Oral Spray. Order now and unleash your full potential!”

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Damiana 3x, Gingko 3x, Ginseng 3x.


• Useful in sexual debility from nervous prostration.
• Sexual neurasthenia and impotence.
• Stimulates secretary glands.
• Weakness of genital organs.
• All kinds of sexual problems occurring in men
• Restores correct balance of sex hormones in men.
• Increase the sperm count and makes the existing sperm active.
• Improves the ability to perform sexual intercourse.
• Lack of desire, too early ejaculation and organ cold and relaxed.

Direction for use:

Spray twice under the tongue, thrice daily.


Available in 15ml spray packing.


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