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Mulberry leaf tea


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Elevate your wellness routine with our Mulberry Leaf Powder Instant Infusion, crafted for your convenience and vitality. Sourced from premium mulberry leaves, this potent powder delivers a burst of antioxidants and nutrients in every sip. Simply mix with water for a refreshing infusion that supports your health goals. Whether you’re seeking to regulate blood sugar levels, boost immunity, or promote weight loss, our Mulberry Leaf Powder is your natural solution. Embrace the goodness of nature with each serving and enhance your well-being effortlessly.

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Ingredient :

Each sachet contains

Mulberry leaf extract (Morus alba)….1000mg

Health benefits :

Antioxidants properties

Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals

Indications :
•Effective for diabetic patients and reduces
level of blood sugar.
* Controls hypertension.
* Lowers the cholesterol level in the body.
Strengthens body parts such as the liver
and kidney.
* Helpful in treating constipation.
•Great natural source with its high level
of proteins, vitamins (A,B & C) nutrients,
minerals and amino acids.
•Mulberry is safe and natural supplement
and it can be taken as precautionary
supplement to keep healthy life style.
Direction for use :
Dissolve a sachet in a cup of warm water
and drink half an hour before meal. Use
once a day.


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