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Kent 37 (Trauma drops)


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Discover Kent 37 Trauma Drops, made to give top-notch support when you’re feeling overwhelmed. These drops are carefully crafted with natural ingredients to help you on your path to feeling better. Kent 37 is like a comforting friend, offering relief during tough times. Experience its gentle but powerful effects as it helps you find calm and strength. Let Kent 37 be your companion on the journey to feeling more peaceful and resilient.

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Asafoetida                                            D6…10.26% v/v
Kalmia latifolia                                     D8…12.82% v/v
Aurum metallicum                              D12..12.82% v/v
Hekla lava                                             D12..10.26% v/v
Natrum sulfuricum                              D12..10.26% v/v
Aranea diadema                                 D12..10.26% v/v
Mercurius pracipitatus ruber            D12..10.26% V/v
Lycopodium clavatum                       D30..10.26% v/v
Symphytum officinale                        D5….12.82% v/v

Excipients q.s.


Pain in bones.
Helpful in healing of fractures.
Exostosis of feet and jaw.
Rheumatism of joints, muscles
and nerves.
Inflammation of the membranes
covering bones.


In general use 10 drops three times
daily in some water.
Liquid contains particles that are part
of medicine.

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