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Kent 32 (high blood pressure)


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[11:02 AM, 4/25/2024] Bisma Ashfaq: Introducing Kent 32 Drops, the revolutionary solution for combating high blood pressure naturally. Expertly formulated, these drops provide a hassle-free way to manage hypertension. Kent 32 Drops are your ultimate partner in achieving normalized blood pressure levels. With its fast-acting formula, you can experience the power of nature’s answer to high blood pressure challenges. Say goodbye to hypertension worries and unlock wellness with Kent 32 Drops,

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  • Arnica montana                          2X (EHPI) 18.39% v/v
  • Crataegus oxyacantha             Ø (EHPI)23% v/v
  • Plumbum                                      5X (EHPI) 15.52% v/v
  • Secale cornutum                        6X (EHPI) 20.125% v/v
  • Viscum album                              0 (EHPI) 23% v/v


Hypertension, hypertonia
and plethora in brain.
Congestion and pain in arteries.
Irregular blood circulation.
Sleeplessness due to hypertension.


In general use 10 drops three times
daily in some water.
Liquid contains particles that are part
of medicine.

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