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KENT 17 (Chronic catarrh)


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Experience fast and natural relief from sinus congestion with Kent 17 Sinusitis Drops. Our clinically proven formula targets sinus pressure, congestion, and inflammation, providing you with quick relief from discomfort. Say goodbye to sinus headaches and nasal congestion with our gentle yet effective remedy. Kent 17 Drops are trusted by many for their powerful and rapid-acting solution to sinusitis symptoms. Combat sinusitis naturally with our holistic approach to relieving sinus discomfort. Ease your sinusitis symptoms and reclaim your comfort with Kent 17 Sinusitis Drops, your go-to solution for natural sinus relief.

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  • Arsenicum album                D6 (EHPI 1276% v/v
  • China arsenicosum             D6 (EHP) 97% v/v
  • Cinnabaris                             D6 (EHP) 319% v/v
  • Ferrum phosphoricum        D8( 1180)% v/v
  • Kali bichromicum                D5 (EHPI 797% v/v
  • Lemna minor                        D3 (EHP) 9.25%v/v
  • Mercurius solubilis               D10 (EHP)  797% v/v
  • Pulsatilla                                 D30 (EHP) 1180% v/v
  • Silicea                                       D6 (EHPI) 861% v/v
  • Teucrium marum verm       D6 (EHPI) 861% v/v
  • Vinca minor                           6X (EHP)9.88 %v/v
    Excipients q.s.


  • Acute and chronic sinusitis.
  • Maxillary sinus, frontal sinus and ethmasphenoid areas.
  • Nasal cattarh, headache and coryza.


In general use 10 drops three times daily in some water.
Liquid contains particles that are part
of medicine.

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