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Female Tonic


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Introducing Female tonic.Unlock the secret to vibrant feminine health with our exceptional female tonic. Crafted with care and expertise, this female tonic is a potent blend of organic ingredients meticulously chosen to support hormonal balance, boost energy levels, and enhance overall well-being. Each sip delivers a revitalizing experience, empowering you to embrace life with renewed vitality.

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Aletris farinosa Ø (EHPI) 12.5%v/v

Asoka jonesia Ø (EHPI) 12.5%v/v

Avena sativa D3 (EHPI) 6.25%v/v

Alfalfa Ø (EHPI) 12.5%v/v

Cinchona officinalis D3 (EHPI) 9.4%v/v

Calcarea phosphorica D3 (EHPI) 9.4%v/v

Ferrum phosphoricum D3 (EHPI) 9.4%v/v

Ginseng D3 (EHPI) 12.5%v/v

Lecithin D3 (EHPI) 6.25%v/v

Nux Vomica D3 (EHPI) 6.25%v/v


  • Relieves physical and nervous weakness in females.
  • Leucorrhea due to weakness and anemia.
  • Hormonal dysfunction.
  • Affective for anxiety, tension, depression, weak memory backache and other problems due to functional disturbance of female cycle.


1 to 2 tablespoon three times daily.

Pack size:

Available in 120ml packing.

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