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Ashwabulus Drops


Product Highlights

Unlock your energy with Ashwabulus Drops, the ultimate energy supplement for both men and women. Crafted with premium ingredients, our formula is designed to enhance vitality and stamina, helping you power through your day with ease. Experience a sustainable boost in energy levels without the crash, thanks to our carefully selected blend. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to productivity with Ashwabulus Drops. Order now for a revitalizing energy solution!”

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Ashwagandha Ø (EHPI) 10% v/v

Tribulus Terrestris Ø (EHPI) 10% v/v


  • Relieves stress and sustain energy level without stimulating heart.
  • Provide stress relief by supporting your adrenal glands for normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Natural libido booster in men and women.
  • Energy and vitality boosting supplement for men and women.


In general use 10 drops three times daily in some water

Liquid contains particles that are part of medicine.

Pack Size:

Available in 30ml.



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