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Kent No 57 (Osteoarthritis)


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Discover the effective relief of Kent 57 Osteoarthritis Drops, formulated to alleviate joint pain and stiffness. Our drops are designed to provide fast and soothing relief from arthritis discomfort, promoting joint flexibility and enhancing mobility. Kent 57 is your solution for managing osteoarthritis symptoms that supports overall joint health.

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  • Asafoetida D4 (EHPI) 12.5 v/v
  • Aranea daidema D6 (EHPI) 12.5 v/v
  • Calcium phosphoricum D6 (EHPI) 12.5 v/v
  • Hekla lava D6 (EHPI) 12.5 v/v
  • Kalium iodatum D4 (EHPI) 12.5 v/v
  • Mercurius preacipitaus ru D9 (EHPI) 12.5 v/v
  • Natrum sulfuricum D4 (EHPI) 12.5 v/v
  • Stillingia sylvatica D4 (EHPI) 12.5 v/v


  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Breakdown of cartilage at the end of the bone.
  • Disturbance if the calcium metbolism.


In general use 10 drops 3 times daily in some water,

Or as directed by your physician,

Particles in medicine are part of it.

(Shake well before use)

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Available in 30ml packing.


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