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Kent 69 (Profuse perspiration)


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Discover Kent 69 drops, the ultimate solution for staying fresh and confident all day long. Our advanced antiperspirant formula provides 24-hour protection against sweat and odor, ideal for active lifestyles. Designed to combat excessive perspiration, Kent 69 drops offers clinical-strength sweat control without irritation. Trust Kent 69 drops for reliable sweat defense and enjoy long-lasting freshness with every application.”

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  • Acidum nitricum                  6X (EHPI) 11.6% V/v
  • Acidum sulphuricum          8X (EHPI) 11.6% v/v
  • Calcarea carbonica            10X(EHP) 14% v/v
  • Jaborandi                              6X (EHPI) 11.6% v/v
  • Petroleum                              6X (EHPI) 11.6% v/v
  • Sativa officinalis                  4X (EHPI) 11.6% v/v
  • Sembucus nigra                  4X (EHP) 14% v/v
  • Thuja occidentalis              6X (EHPI) 13.9% v/v


  • Profuse perspiration and sweating of palms
  • Perspiration of hands, head and covered parts of body due to  flashes of heat
  • Offensive night sweat or morning perspiration staining the clothes yellow
  • Climacteric flushing and foot sweat causing soreness.


In general use 10 drops three times daily in some water.
Particles in medicine are part of it.
(Shake well before use)

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