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Kent 41 (corn & callouses skin)


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Discover the ultimate solution for corns, calluses, and cellulose buildup with Kent 41 drops. Our advanced, fast-acting formula is designed to provide quick and effective relief, ensuring a pain-free experience. Kent 41 drops soften and remove stubborn calluses, leaving your skin smooth and healthy. Treating cellulose build-up naturally, these drops use powerful yet gentle ingredients that are safe for regular use. Say goodbye to painful corns with our kent 41 drops, and enjoy immediate relief and smoother skin.

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  • Antimonium crudum        D6 (EHPI) 25% v/v
  • Graphites                            D30 (EHPI) 25% v/v
  • Silicea                                  D30 (EHPI) 25% v/v
  • Thuja occidentalis             D30 (EHPI) 25% v/v


Hard, dry and scaly corn.
Suppuration underneath corn.
Hard and thickened skin of the
affected area.
Pain due to inflammation of corn


In general use 10 drops three times
daily in some water.
Particles in medicine are part of it.
(Shake well before use)

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