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Kent 29 (migraine)


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Experience instant relief with our powerful Kent 29 (migraine drops), designed for quick and effective pain alleviation. Our fast-acting formula targets headaches, providing non-drowsy relief without compromising on effectiveness. Our Kent 29 drops offer gentle yet potent relief, allowing you to combat migraines naturally. Crafted with premium quality ingredients, our migraine drops ensure lasting comfort, making them your instant natural remedy for headache management. Whether you need relief day or night, our drops provide gentle healing, promoting holistic wellbeing and allowing you to stay active throughout your day.

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  • Belladonna                                          6x(EPI)10.5%V/V
  • Bryonia                                                6x(EPI)10.5%V/V
  • Gelseumium sempervirens           D3(EPI)13.3%V/V
  • Melilotus                                             D3(EPI)10.5%V/V
  • Natrum carbonicum                        D3(EPI)10.5%V/V
  • Onosmodium                                     D3(EPI)10.5%V/V
  • Sanguinaria  canensis                     D3(EPI)10.5%V/V
  • Spigelia                                               D3(EPI)13.3%V/V
  • Silicea                                                  D8(EPI)10.5%V/V


  • Migraine
  • Nervous headche
  • Cervical migraine
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating or chills
  • Stress and anxiety


In general use 10 drops three time daily in some water.

Particles in medicine are part of it.

(Shake and well before use)

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