Used As General Tonic For Female.


Aletris farinosa Ø, Ashoka jonesia Ø, Avena sativa D3, Alfalfa Ø, Cinchona officinalis D3, Calcarea phosphorica D3, Ferrum phosphoricum D3, Ferrum metallicum D3, Ginseng D3, Lecithin D3, Nux vomica 6x.


  • Indicated to relief physical weakness in females.
  • Menstrual and harmonic disturbances and disorders.
  • Anxiety, tension and depression associated with hormonal and menstrual disturbances.
  • Also given to relief anaemia, flushes of heat and weakness during and after pregnancy.
  • Premature and profuse menses with labor like pain.
  • Retarded and scanty menstrual flow.
  • Prolapsed of uterus and feeling of heaviness in uterus.
  • Leucorrhea due to weakness and anaemia.
  • Tendency towards abortion and muscular pain during pregnancy.
  • Amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.
  • Nervousness and insomnia.
  • Nervous indigestion and loss of appetite.
  • Increases quantity of milk in lactation mothers.
  • Early menses, abdominal distension, bloody Leucorrhea, heaviness and pain in pelvis.
  • Back aches and whole body weakness.
  • Vaginismus, vagina hot and dry.


One to two teaspoons three times daily

or as prescribed by Homoeopathic Doctor.


Available in  120ml syrup packing.


Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from the reach of children.

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