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Acnecap Capsules


Product Highlights

Clear: Stops breakouts with salicylic acid, leaving skin smooth.

Control: Manages oily skin, preventing new breakouts.

Repair: Soothes redness and helps heal acne-prone skin.

Daily Defense: Shields skin from sun damage while fighting acne.

Overnight Renewal: Clears pores and smoothens skin overnight.

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Berb equif  Ø, Calc phos 3x, Echinacea  Ø, Graphites 3x,

Hepar sulph 3x, Kali brom 4x, Ledum 2x. Oophorinum 3x.


  • For dry rough, scaly and skin with pimples.
  • Eruptions on the scalp extending to face and neck.
  • Psoriasis, acne, dry eczema, pruritis, and glandular induration.
  • Boils, carbuncles, keloid and fibroma.
  • Ulcers in corners of mouth and cracks in lips.

Direction to use:

One capsule three times daily after meal.

Pack size:

Available in 30 capsules packing.



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