Beneficial For Mouth Ulcers And Stomatitis.


Borax 3X, Calendula officinalis Ø, Echinacea Ø, Hydrastis canadensis 3X.


  • Mouth ulcers due to gastric acidity..
  • Teething pain.
  • Denture irritation.
  • Mouth and lips soreness.
  • Inflammation of gums.
  • Helpful in gums bleeding and bad breath.
  • Effective in dark color tongue and sour taste.
  • Also reduces the intestinal inflammation.

Direction of use:

Wash hands with soap use cotton of finger tip with few drops of Mouthaline and rub gently to the affected area 2 to 3 times daily

or as prescribed by Homoeopathic Doctor.


Available in 15ml packing.

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