Tincture Section

This section serves as the backbone for all the processes being carried out at Kent Homoeopathic Pharmacy.
After issuance of job card, the herb, deionized water and ethyl alcohol are issued from the respective stores against the unique batch/job numbers. The quantity of alcohol and deionized water (obtained from most modern reverse osmosis plant) are calculated from homoeopathic pharmacopoeias.
This mixture of herb, alcohol and deionized water are kept in maceration pans as per quality standards, percolation is also done where necessary. After lapse of defined period the liquid is separated from the solid and this solid herbaceous material is pressed through Hydraulic Press to obtain the liquid contained between the fibers of the herb. This liquid extract is then filtered through pouch filters and filter presses.

A sample is sent to the Quality Assurance Lab where it is analyzed and tested for specific gravity, alcohol percentage and total solids; spectrophotometer is also carried out over here. After approval by the quality assurance manager, the tincture is filled and packed according to the requirement given.
It is worth mentioning that herbs are carefully selected and imported mostly from Europe. These herbs are carefully stored in moisture free environment, according to the goods storage practices and standards.

Potentization Department

Here all the homoeopathic potencies are developed and manufactured strictly according to the principles given in Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeias.
Automatic and computerized dynamization and shaking machines namely K-Tronic and turbo dynamizers are used to develop the homoeopathic potencies. For developing the potencies manually most sensitive and precision equipment like digital micropipettes and dispensers are used by a highly trained staff having a very clear concept of Homoeopathic System of developing different potencies. Such sensitive equipments are calibrated on daily basis, ensuring production of most accurate homoeopathic dilutions (potencies). Every activity involved here is recorded and each bottle is given a unique computer generated Lot Number. All of the steps regarding potentization of Homoeopathic remedies are carried out in a class 100 sterile area.

Quality Control Lab

All analysis for incoming raw materials, in-process or semi-finished products and finished products are carried out here with most sensitive and accurate laboratory equipment calibrated from external sources. This Lab provides a complete surveillance and strict check over the quality of all the products and all results obtained are recorded as well as compared with standard specifications. A dust free atmosphere is maintained here and all tests and analysis are carried out by highly qualified and trained staff. Moreover, all exploration and research work for developing new formula and improvisation of existing ones are carried out here under research and development cell.

Trituration Section

In this section, Homoeopathic and Biochemic medicines are potentized (triturated) with the help of sophisticated triturating machines, separated from each other to avoid cross contamination.

Crude or back potencies and high quality lactose are triturated to form a homogenous mixture or the next Hahnemann Potency. Attached with this department is a Trituration store, which contains all the back potencies.

There is a complete record of the quantity and potencies of all the triturations present in this store and the issuance is recorded with the reference to job number in the respective store register. A minimum stock level is maintained for all the potencies, so that production is not effected and timely delivery is ensured.

Tabletting Section

This section comprises more than ten rotary tablet press machines and single punch machines. Granules are converted into tablets through these machines. The tablets produced are of different sizes. The hardness and thickness of tablets is carefully monitored and controlled for uniformity of the product. Machines used for making medicinal tablets are separated from each other and the rest of the machines to avoid cross contamination. Trouble shooting charts and operational instructions regarding lubrication are displayed with each machine. Preventive maintenance is recorded on the job cards as well as on the preventive maintenance record sheets to ensure smooth and trouble free running of these machines.

Packing Section

Packing of Homoeopathic and biochemic triturations and tablets, homoeopathic and biochemic combination tablets, placebos i.e. diskettes, blankettes and globules are done here observing all precautions of material handling. Packing of tablets is also done on the basis of number of tablets per bottle or per packing rather than by weight. For this purpose a batch counter machine is used in which data is fed according to requirement and bottles are filled automatically. Every activity over here is also recorded on job cards.

Blister Packing Section

This section is equipped with most modern and fully automatic blister packing machine. Film coated tablets of different sizes and shapes are packed in blister strips, which is a guarantee for long lasting preservation and freshness of the product.


Produced from Sulphur free Sugar, our Globules are the best in town for the daily dispensing of Homoeopathic Medicines. They act as a vehicle in dispening those medicines.

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